Since 1998...

members of Smile and Nod have been making things up in exchange for laughs.

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Every year we have an alumni show where you can come back and re-live your Improv dreams! Stay tuned!


Travis Cox

Brandon Cunnane

Lilly Conboy

Nikki Mariviglia

Tim Manion

Kolby Hatch

Leah Van der Heide

Logan McGinley

Ben Pawlik

Nick Corcores

Cam Gurley

Dalton Varvell

Hannah Moser

Tim Gachot

Jack Boudreau

Zach Lax

Austin Kenwood



Sasha Smolgovsky

Jacob Corsaro

Jeff Caldeira

Austin Barber

Zach Hoffman

Bri Rodebaugh

Hailey-Rae Rose

Katryna Fogel

Nick Carrell

Connor Sheehan