We hold auditions for prospective members the first Friday of every quarter. All improv skill levels are welcome (including no improv skills at all!). We will teach you everything you need to know before the audition! Keep in mind that many of our members auditioned multiple times, so if you do not make it right away, keep trying! 

Open Auditions

When: Friday, September 27th 2019 at 6:30 pm in the Rec Center, Studio 2 (upstairs)!

There's time in the beginning for mingling, and then we move on to some warm-ups. The warm-ups are supposed to be fun, so participate as much as you can and get yourself in the improv mood. Next, we will go over the rules of improv for people who have never done it before. The rules are really more of guidelines, but strictly following them when you are starting out will help your performance.

The audition process will begin with games such as Pan-Left-Pan-Right where any of three scenes can be acted out as called on by a ref. This game is nothing more than an empty scene, so focus on working with your partner and forwarding the action. Usually there is only time for two games, but sometimes we add a third.


When: The Saturday following Friday auditions. (Invite only) 

The current team selects roughly 8-12 people that they would like to see more of from the night before. The auditions again begin with some time for mingling and warm-ups, but the difference from the night before is that callbacks focus on Long Form

We will start with a few short exercises, moving on to sitting down scenes with a mix of team members and auditioners, and finally a full Long Form set, typically known as a “freeform” or a “montage,” that feels like one continuous set of scenes. Everything will be explained at the auditions, so if you've never done Long Form before, don't worry!