Frequently Asked Questions

q: Can I buy Tickets Ahead of Time or online?

A: No, tickets are only sold at the door.

Q: Does Smile and Nod take venmo?

A: Sorry, we only take cash per Cal Poly ASI Club Policy.

q: Which team members will perform tonight?

A: Smile and Nod team members rotate throughout the Short Form shows; each member gets about 3 or 4 Short Form shows a quarter. However, all team members perform in Long Form, so please stick around for our later show if you missed your favorite Smile and Nodder during Short Form!

q: Where is philips hall located?

A: It’s on the Cal Poly campus behind the Performing Arts Center and next to the Spanos Theatre. See the map on our About page.

q: are there improv shows over summer?

A: No, only Fall through Spring.

Q: Is this a family-friendly show?

A: We rate ourselves as a PG-13 show (some adult language and themes), so bring your younger ones at your own risk!

q: Can I join smile and nod?

A: First of all, we love your moxie! Second of all, you must audition to join Smile and Nod. Auditions are the first Friday of every quarter.